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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences

Political Geography – Prof. Dr. Martin Doevenspeck

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Within the scope of our research-oriented teaching we attach great importance to the combination of well-founded empiricism and theoretical and methodological discussions. We follow a problem-oriented approach to political geography, since this allows for insightful links between empirical work and theory.

Teaching for us is our contribution to enable the students developing their own skill set in thinking, reading, writing, researching as well as in communicating concepts, content and methods. To us teaching also means learning from our students since they usually challenge theoretical-conceptual approaches against the backdrop of their everyday experiences.

Current lectures

Titel & Zeit                             Dozent

Politische Geographie/ Geographische Entwicklungsforschung

Mo. 14-16 Uhr H8

Prof. Dr. Doevenspeck mit Prof. Dr. Lohnert

Vorbereitungsseminar zum Intensivprakitkum/ Große Geländeübung (Nordfriesland)

Fr. 8- 12 Uhr S21

Carsten Möller

Intensivpraktikum/Große Geländeübung Nordfriesland (10tägig)

Carsten Möller

Geländeübung (3tägig) (Politische Geographien von Görlitz / Zqorzelec) 

Prof. Dr. Doevenspeck

Geländeübung (1tägig) (Bergbaukultur und Strukturwandel)

Carsten Möller

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