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MA Kamal Donko MA Kamal Donko
MA Kamal Donko

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Political Geography


2009 - 2011Master of Arts degree in Culture and Environment in Africa (CEA), University of Cologne, Germany

Topic: "Conflict over land allotment in peri-urban areas of Parakou, Benin" with Prof. Dr. Miachael Bollig as Supervisor.
2006 - 2009As Research Assistant in IMPETUS – Integratives Management-Projekt für einen effizienten und tragfähigen Umgang mit Süßwasser in Westafrika concerning following topics:
Society and Health; Food Security; Water management and Institutional Change in inland-valleys of the communes of the Upper Ouémé catchment.
2006 - 2008Bachelor Degree in Sociology. University d'Abomey-calavi, Benin.

Topic: "Gestion des infrastructures hydrauliques dans l'arrondissement de Komi-Guéa" (Commune de N'dali) with Prof. Dr. Nassirou BAKO-ARIFARI
2005As Research assistant in "Cabinet Géo-Assistant" owned by Prof. Eustache Bonaventure BOKONON-GANTA concerning the monographic synthesis about the risky areas of Atakora-Donga; local programs development on the Environmental management and adjustment in Bembéréké, Malanville, Tchatchou (communes of northern Benin) and Water and reassuring of the substance
2001 - 2006Diploma CPJA (Master) Option: Community Development. INJEPS, Université d'Abomey-calavi.
Topic: "Gestion participative des forages dans la commune de Banikora" with Prof. Eustache Bonaventure BOKONON-GANTA

Dissertation project

Working title: Territory, Identity and politics in a frontier zone: the case of central Benin

This PhD project scrutinizes the inter-linkages between struggles over access to land, the issues of belonging and local politics in the frontier zone of central Benin. Specifically, the study seeks to examine the current logic of identity representations, institutional arrangements and socio-political innovations. It seeks to show how the process in which local mechanisms of land control and new types of relationships between the stakeholders promote hybrid forms of local politics and how they contribute to the instability of political structures in central Benin.

The study refers to the ongoing debate on the political geography of agricultural colonization related to territory and issues of belonging in sub-Saharan Africa. Given that the political framework in the frontier zone has always been presented, but not sufficiently studied, it is expected that the outcome of this research project will bring to the political geography debate a new perspective, which sees territory as a vehicle of local domination and political control. It is also anticipated that the study would offer us a better way of understanding how local and national politics are linked with land in the frontier zone. A multi-sited research approach will be employed, using narratives interviews, group discussions, participant observation as well as cartography to collect the data. 

MA Kamal Donko

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Political Geography

Research interests

  • Human-environment relationships
  • social and institutional change
  • conflicts over natural resources in Sub-Saharan Africa
MA Kamal Donko

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Political Geography

MA Kamal Donko

Telefon: +49 (0)176 / 27994304
E-Mail: eldeenfr2001@yahoo.fr

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Univ.Prof.Dr. Martin Doevenspeck

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