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MA Kinyera Paddy Banya MA Kinyera Paddy Banya
MA Kinyera Paddy Banya

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Political Geography


2015PhD candidate at BIGSAS
2014Completed Masters in African Studies under the Interdisciplinary program ‘Culture and Environment, Africa’ of the Cologne African Study Centre, the University of Cologne:
Theme of study was in Resource Anthropology – the interaction between oil exploration and social economy of smallholding in the Albertine Graben.
2010 Graduated with BA in Language and Literature from the Makerere University, in Uganda

Dissertation project

"Politics of Oil in Uganda: Assessment of Multi-stakeholder Practices in Resource-Governance".

Despite the rampant Afro-pessimism with extractive resources, Uganda is poised to join Africa’s leading players in the oil industry. The project is based on the unfolding events in the development of the country’s oil sector, and what implications these events are likely to have on multi-scalar resource politics. With the central question: how are the preparations towards oil exploitation shaping multi-stakeholder practices in Uganda, and what implications do these practices have to future conduct of governance at regional, national and subnational levels? The study is theoretically embedded in Foucault’s philosophy of governmentality and its peculiar ways of conceptualizing government, power, territory, space and the state. It explores the structuring, institutionalisation and functionalisation of oil into Uganda’s political economy; and how the interactions therein inform the resource vis-à-vis politics debate; contributing to the corpus of governmentality studies, with focus on the prevailing and unfolding mentalities of resource-governance in the country.

Biography Field experience

a) Related to PhD

Worked as a Project Consultant in a donor funded Oil Project with an International Non-governmental organization

Designed a research protocol for identification, documentation and response modalities for oil sector conflicts in the Albertine Graben

Engaged in Multilevel dialogues on the progress challenges to the oil and gas sector; policy lessons and way forward.

b) Others

Taught at various Universities in Uganda: was a part-time Assistant Lecturer at Uganda Martyrs University and Gulu University

Research Assistant with ‘Cluster of Excellence – Politics and Religion focusing on the LRA in Northern Uganda, a project of the Institute for Ethnology, University of Münster

Presentations and Teaching

  • African Political Economy
  • Resource Conflicts
  • Development Policy and Governance,
  • Population and mobility.
  • Social geography
MA Kinyera Paddy Banya

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Political Geography

Research interests

  • Prospects, Politics and Petroleum development in Uganda
MA Kinyera Paddy Banya

Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences
Political Geography

MA Kinyera Paddy Banya

Baracke 2, Room 17

Telefon: +49 (0)921 / 55-2181
E-Mail: banya-paddy.kinyera@uni-bayreuth.de

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Univ.Prof.Dr. Martin Doevenspeck

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